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DJ Xclusive Storms Agbaya LinkUp 2.0

On December 18th, 2022, Agbaya LinkUp held her second edition, with nearly 1,000 attendees.

There were numerous child-friendly activities available at the venue, including a bouncy castle, Santa, water guns, face painting, swings, video games such as PlayStation and Sega, as well as free gifts such as cheese balls, party packs, Capri-sun, and many more.

Attendees also enjoyed watching the FIFA World Cup Final between Argentina and France on the big screen. The 120-minute football match was thrilling, and Argentina's victory was decided by a penalty shoot-out.

There was a lot to eat and drink because there were vendors strategically placed throughout the venue, not to mention the event sponsors who added even more color to the event. Pepsi, Power Horse, Cadbury, Unlockr, The Upper Entertainment, Kobobid, Raven Bank, Blendr, Cool FM, and Clickn Carts are among the sponsors present at the event.

The After-Party was enjoyable, as the guest artist and DJ - DJ Xclusive - entertained all of the fun-loving audiences who remained. I'm sure many attendees wished it hadn't ended.

Below are some pictures from Agbaya LinkUp 2.0.

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